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16-input 60FPS Server-Advanced 16-input 60FPS Server-Advanced 16-input 120FPS Server-Advanced
16-input 240FPS Server-Advanced 4-input 120FPS Server-Basic 4-input NVR Server
16-input NVR Server 8-input 240FPS PC based Server 16-input 120FPS Server-Advanced
16-input 240FPS Server-Advanced 24-input 120FPS Server-Enterprise 24-input 240FPS Server-Enterprise
32-input 120FPS Server-Enterprise 32-input 240FPS Server-Enterprise Vivotek NR7401 9-CH PoE Gateway Supported Network Video Recorder
NR-1604 Professional Stand-alone Network Video Recorder VS-01Ae 1ch Professional Video Server AVH306  6 Channel Network Video Recorder
AVH312 12CH Stand-Alone NVR AVH312PV 12CH PUSH VIDEO Stand-Alone NVR LR1-3U-IPSVR1-32TB
LR2-4U-XSVR2-90TB QNAP VS-2004 PRO 2 Bay 4 Channel NVR QNAP VS-2008 PRO 2 Bay Channel NVR
QNAP VS-2012 PRO 2 Bay 12 Channel NVR QNAP VS-4008 PRO 8 Channel NVR QNAP VS-4012 PRO 12 Channel NVR