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KVR-H1640AN ENR-1000 Vivotek NR7401 9-CH PoE Gateway Supported Network Video Recorder
QNAP VS-2004 PRO 2 Bay 4 Channel NVR ENR-1100 QNAP VS-2008 PRO 2 Bay Channel NVR
ENR-1200 ENR-2000 QNAP VS-2012 PRO 2 Bay 12 Channel NVR
QNAP VS-4008 PRO 8 Channel NVR QNAP VS-4012 PRO 12 Channel NVR QNAP VS-4008U-RP-PRO 4 Bay 8 Channel NVR
QNAP VS-4016 PRO 16 Channel NVR QNAP VS-4012U-RP-PRO 4 Bay 12 Channel NVR QNAP VS-6012 PRO 12 Channel NVR
QNAP VS-4016U-RP-PRO 4 Bay 16 Channel NVR QNAP VS-6016 PRO 16 Channel NVR QNAP VS-6020 PRO 20 Channel NVR
GNR-3000 Qnap VS-8124-PRO+-US 24 Channel NVR Qnap VS-8124U-RP-PRO-US 8-bay 2U NVR, 24-ch
Qnap VS-8140-PRO+-US 8 Bay 40 Channel NVR Qnap VS-8132U-RP-PRO-US 8-bay 2U NVR, 32-ch Qnap VS-8148-PRO+-US 8 Bay 48 Channel NVR
Qnap VS-8140U-RP-PRO-US 8-bay 2U NVR, 40-ch Qnap VS-8148U-RP-PRO-US 8-bay 2U NVR, 48-ch INR-410