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Digiever - CMS-Client (36-CH) - DIGIEVER CMS-Client software, with 36-CH license free ACTi - CNVR-7D-M-1MP - Cloud Service Milestone XPALIF XProtect Analytics - Channel License: LPR
Milestone XPAGIF XProtect Analytics - Channel License: Generic VA Integration Milestone XPAAIF XProtect Analytics - Channel License: AgentVI Integration Milestone XPABIF XProtect Analytics - Channel License: Bosch Integration
Milestone  XPESCL  XProtect Essential Camera License Milestone XPCOMFADL  XProtect Corporate Milestone Federated Architecture Device License Digiever - CMS-Client 1-CH License add-on - 1 channel license for DIGIEVER CMS-Client 64-CH upgrade
LuxRiot Personal (1 Video Stream) Milestone  XPESBL  XProtect Essential Base License Milestone  XPEXCL  XProtect Express Camera License
Milestone XPPCL  XProtect Professional Camera License NUUO SCB-IP+ 01 IP Plus Digital Surveillance System, 1 license LRX-SA-CountingVCA-1
Milestone  XPEXBL  XProtect Essential Base License LRX-SA-CountingVCA-2 Milestone XPECL  XProtect Enterprise Camera License
Milestone XPTC1 XProtect Transact Connection License LuxRiot Basic (Up to 4 Video Streams) Milestone XPTBS XProtect Transact Base Server incl. 1 Connection
Milestone XPCODL  XProtect Corporate Device Channel License LRX-SA-AdvanceVCA-1 Milestone XPASBL XProtect Analytics - Analytics Base License
DW-SPECTRUMLSC004 LuxRiot Professional (Up to 9 Video Streams) LRX-SA-CountingVCA-4
Milestone XPPBL  XProtect Professional Base License LuxRiot Advanced (Up to 16 Video Streams) LRX-SA-CountingVCA-8